Technical & Tips

Hydraulic Problems

Many hydraulic system failures show similar symptoms – a gradual or sudden loss of high pressure. This usually results in a loss of power or speed in the cylinders. The cylinders may even stall under light loads or may not move at all. Often the loss of power is accompanied by an increase in pump noise, especially as the pump tries to build up pressure.

Any major component (pump, relief valve, directional valve, or cylinder) could be at fault. If you are experiencing hydraulic problems, contact the experienced technicians at McKenzie Products & Services.

Air Tools

The main reason for air tool failure and poor output is contamination and water ingress from the compressor.

An air service unit consisting of a water separator, a compressed air filter unit (with at least 40micron element), regulator and lubricator (where applicable) must be installed. Preferably a refrigerated compressed air drier will feed into the above air service assembly. Dry, lubricated compressed air enables the tool to work consistently at its designed performance levels.

So, next time you complain about the output of your tool – trace what is before the tool for future longevity and reliability. A good quality air tool should last quite a few years with the correct compressed air input. Also a good quality air tool will be more cost effective to service if the above is in place.