Product Description

The J S Melbounre Controls Product Range Includes:

Air Movers to 300mm for removing toxic gases, blasting and cooling.

Air Mixers and Pumps An air pump used to transport a product and add a second gas i.e. fumigating wheat.

Air Pumps to 300mm for pumping dry solids through snow.

Ammonia Nitrate Pumps Exposure to ammonia nitrate is eliminated.

Fire Fighting Fog Devices [lace a fine mist of water into the tree tops to slow down a fire.

Fluidising (Hopper Feed) Valves

Hydro-Aerators, Hydro-Strippers and Hydro-Diluters. These pupms operate on a liquid and suck in air to stop contaminants from the liquid i.e. ammonia and iron from water.

Hydro-Aerators. A fluid operated device using low pressure liquids to generate high vacuums and high gas flow.

Hydro-De Wetter has been specially designed for hydrophobic (difficult to mix) materials without the dust and without the lifting.

Hydro-Diluters. A fluid operated device for diluting viscous materials.

Hydro-Levitators. A pump that operates on a liquid to transfer solids and liquids.

Hydro-Shear Mixers. A fluid pump to mix two or three liquids or two liquids and a solid. i.e. encapsulating radioactive waste in an epoxy, or adding lime juice to a suga solution.

Snow Makers. A device that uses air and water to make snow at temperatures between 0 and 8 degrees.




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