Product Description

High Volume Air Pumps for Many Applications

Oz-Air Drum Pump Pulls liquid quickly, efficiently and directly into sealed drums. Operating on compressed Air it has no moving parts and therefore requires no maintenance. The Oz-Air Drum Pump removes liquid product without losing prime. It will also pickup Sludge, Metal Chips and other debris which often clogs and harms other types of pumps. The liquid product is safely drawn into the drum ready for disposal.

Performance Chart

Pressure kPa Air Consumption (l/s) Vacuum (cmHg) Fill Rate Water (l/s) Fill Rate SAE30 oil (l/s)
400 2.8 17.5 1.4 1
600 4.1 23.6 2 1.5
800 5.3 29.7 3.2 2.4

Kits Include:
Oz-Air Drum Pump
Ball Valve
2 meters 40mm hose
Wand & extension wand
Vacuum Head
Crevice Tool

Popular Applications:
Accidental Spills
Lathe Coolant Tanks
Sumps, Pits
Product Transfer
Pump Priming
Hydraulic Oil

Features & Benefits
Fast Efficient operation, contains spills quickly
Fast setup, install on drum in less than a minute
Maintenance free – no moving parts
Simple & Safe operation







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