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AFC1002B Assembly Video
AFC1002B Air Filter Cleaning Machine Flyer

Product Description

The AFC1002B is a rugged Fully Automatic Pneumatic Machine that cleans ‘Round Pleat-Type’ filters from 130mm to 800mm in diameter and up to 700mm in length. A rotating bed with internal  and  external nozzles dry clean on pneumatic timers. Filters can be inspected for serviceability and cleanliness via a live inspection and filter flow table. Simply insert the filter, adjust the length bar, shut the door and press either short or long mode (depending on length/size and condition of filter inserted). Simple pneumatics make for ease of use and maintenance. The AFC1002B requires 3m³/min (105cfm) 7 bar (100psi) of compressed air, plus 20 amp 415 volt power for the dust collector and Filter Flow Test Table (if required).

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Cleans round filters from 200mm to 750mm Ø X 700mm long
  • Cleans open and closed ended filters
  • Efficient 5.5kW dust collector
  • Internal & external cleaning
  • Vibrating rotating bed
  • Fully pneumatic cleaning operation
  • Retains primary dust-coating to ensure optimal performance
  • Simple operation
  • Rugged construction
  • Healthy & environmentally safe Operation
  • Filter flow test table – optional

Cabinet— 200cm high X 120cm wide X 110cm long
Dust Collector— 300cm high X 110cm wide X 110cm long

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